Basic Beliefs

Faith Statements

  1. Bible: our only source of authority for all teaching and practice.
  2. One God = Three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
  3. Jesus Christ: virgin bom, both God (100%) and Man (100%), alive today!
  4. Holy Spirit: indwells, comforts, seals, teaches each believer at the moment of salvation.
  5. People's broken relationship with God is because of sin: both Adam's fall and personal.
  6. Salvation: faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross is all that is required!
  7. Benefit and responsibility of Saved-finished: eternal security vs. no abuse of grace.
  8. People after salvation are made new creatures with new desires and live a spirit led life.
  9. Sanctification: process God uses to make us holy, set-apart, more like Jesus everyday.
  10. Go make disciples! The command to all believers clear: teach people to follow Jesus.
  11. God's gifts to the church: Pastor-teacher and Evangelists; some gifts have ceased.
  12. Local churches are independently answering to Jesus Christ as their true Head.
  13. Baptism by immersion in water and remembering the Lord's broken body and blood are the only two symbolic commands for the local church.
  14. Three separate groups of people are found in the Bible: Israel, Saved, and Lost.
  15. Satan is real but God has already revealed our adversaries defeat!
  16. Christ is coming soon (see #6 to make sure you are ready)!
  17. After death: judgment followed by heaven for the Saved and hell for the Lost.
  18. A boundary exists between church and state: our goal is to influence the Lost world.
  19. What is unique or special about Baptists as opposed to other Bible believers?
    B - bom again and immersed people may join the local church to serve.
    A - authority of God's word for all faith and practice (not experience or tradition).
    P - priesthood of each believer means open access through our High priest, Jesus.
    T - two ordinances controlled by local church (water Baptism and Lord's supper).
    I - independence of each local church from other churches and from the state.
    S - saved by grace, through faith alone, not by works.
    T - two offices in the local church: Pastor-teacher and deacons.

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