Who We Are

Goals of Deaf Baptist Church

Our desire at the Deaf Baptist Church is to reach the Deaf for Jesus Christ. We understand the needs of the Deaf Community. We want to win Deaf souls for Christ and disciple them so that they can live a victorious Christian life in the Deaf Community.

Establishment of DBC

Amador Valley Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Gary Barker became the mother church for a deaf fellowship in 1990.  Pastor James Spellman was sent by Baptist Church Planters to establish a church using American Sign Language to reach and disciple deaf families for Christ.  In 1998, the church moved to Fremont, CA as a strategic move into the heart of the Deaf community of N. CA.

Rev. Jim Sloan states: "The DEAF are unique in culture and language.  They are found in almost every city in every country in the world.  When Jesus spoke the words found in Mark 16:15, 'go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (person),' He certainly included the DEAF.  Yet, today we have the same problem that Jesus expressed in Matthew 9:37, 'the laborers are few.'"

Deaf Baptist Church has been blessed by the ministry of Bro. Sloan who is now in his 50th year of preaching to the DEAF as an evangelist with COME of Grand Rapids, MI and recently became Consultant for Deaf Ministries at BCP.

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